Take some fun quizes to test your knowledge on the show and it's characters! Get 7 out of 10 right and win an award.Please Do Not Cheat. It's really not
that hard to win.
X Files / Shipper Quiz
A fun x files / shipper quiz.  10 questions.
Mulder Quiz  
Knowledge on Fox Mulder . 10 questions.
Scully Quiz
Knowledge on Dana Scully.10 questions .
Bad Blood Quiz
season 5 episode. 8 questions.
Hollywood A.D.
season 7 episode . 7  questions to answer.Not Hard.
The Rain King
season 6 episode. 7 questions.
Je Shouhaite
season 7 episode 10 questions.
Arcadia NEW!
season 6 episode. 10 questions. made by Gina.
Weekly trivia! Read the clues given and guess the episode where those clues fit in with. Winners will recieve an award and their names in the hall of fame (below). Good Luck!!

                   This Week's Clues are:   miracle

Send me your answers! by May 31 ! !

Hall Of Fame
Clues                     Answer                Winner
camera                             X Cops                          Amiee
night                                                                          5/?/03
pictures                            Unruhe                          Hayley
scully                                                                       4/14/03
blind                                Mind's Eye                      Aimee
murder                                                                     3/25/03
ghosts                   The Ghost who Stole...          Aimee
spirit                                                                         3/24/03
free                                    Closure                         Aimee
stars                                                                         3/22/03
One lonley night             Trust No 1                     Aimee
being watched                                                       3/19/03
undercover                      Arcadia                          Aimee
garbage                                                                   3/7/03
light                                                                                        _
seeing double               Fight Club                      Gina
wrestling                                                                 3/3/03
madness                                                                              _
repeat                               Monday                         Marie
day                                                                           2/19/03
bank                                                                                       _
burned                                 Fire                   Audrey&Daisy
flame                                                                       2/18/03
fear                                                                                         _
he is one                     Red Museum                   Ranee
red                                                                           2/13/03   
yellow                               Brand X                         Gina
beattle                                                                     2/6/03
smoke                                                                                  _
most wanted                      Pilot                            Gina
missing time                                                         1/25/03
orange x                                                                               _
signs                              All Things                       Ranee
old flame                                                                1/24/03
could of been                                                                      _
amazing                    Amazing Maleeni               Gina
360 degrees                                                          1/19/03
heckler                                                                                 _
heart                                   Milagro                        Gina
romeo                                                                     1/13/03
medal object                                                                      __
not real                             Field Trip                      Megan
green/yellow goo                                                  8/26/02
underground                                                                      __