All fan fiction archived here is with permission.

Black Hole Season by Penumbra

Battle Orgy by Dreamshaper

Playing Cupid by Samnatha

Grace by Samantha

A New Truth by Lynn G

And So It Goes by Michelle Kiefer

Behind Closed Doors by Scully-chan

Second Honeymoon by Catmom

Tonight is just for us by Kirsten Kerkhof

Waffle House by Laura Sprys

Ball Game by Cathey Scully

Crafting Of Life by Sande E

What If I Loved You by Jamie

Flight into Egypt by Vickie Moseley

Part 2 - Making a Home

Part 3 - Making a Life

Something by Christine Leigh

The Meeting by Lara Means

Really Talking by Ranee

Weekend Break by Angharad

I See What They refuse To Show by Angharad

One Enchanting Evening by Katmoman (External Link)

Getting Back by Trinity Everett

Island Of Hell by Jamie